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We All Will Shine
Artist: Mark Stroh
Genres: Country folk, Americana

Tell us about the song, Stroh.
I wish I could write songs like John Prine, but I can't. Using memorable, vivid lyrics and wispy melodies, John Prine writes songs that are distillations of wisdom and humanity. That sure is a gift. Listen to "Hello in There." It's a song he released when he was twenty-five! That said, "We All Will Shine" is probably as close as I'll ever get. We all do shine every now and then. Except for the harmonies, all of the song was recorded on June 19, 2018, at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, California. I was lucky enough to record with Barrett Nelson, Greg Dood, and Eric Levy. Gabriel Shepard engineered. Check out Eric Levy in Night Ranger. The session started with Gabriel miking the drums, as the rest of us talked about music and family. Somebody brewed coffee out in the kitchen. I didn’t have a sketch, so we played the song together live. Gabriel recorded Greg playing drums in the big room, Eric playing the grand piano in Iso 2, and Barrett playing nylon-string guitar in Iso 1. Greg then added bass guitar recorded out in the big room through a miked Versatone Pan-o-flex Bass Amp. The guy played both bass and drums on the song. Amazing! Eric overdubbed some fantastic Hammond organ through a Leslie speaker and some whirly keyboard. I added a vocal and a steel-string acoustic guitar track. Months later, Jessica from StudioPros added some fantastic harmonies. I'm indebted to these musicians; it's a rendition full of energy, color, and life.

Mark Stroh and His DNoF**
Mark Stroh--Vocal and Steel-String Guitar
Barrett Nelson--Nylon-String Guitar
Jessica from StudioPros--*Harmony Vocals
Eric Levy--Keyboards
Greg Dood--Bass and Drums

Recorded at 25th Street Recording, Oakland, California
Gabriel Shepard--Engineer
*Recorded and Engineered by StudioPros
Mixed and Mastered by StudioPros
Released October 1, 2018
**Dwindling Number of Friends

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