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Another Day in Seattle
Artist: Mark Stroh
Genres: Adult Contemporary, Acoustic Rock

Tell us about the song, Stroh.
This is the fourth version of “Another Day in Seattle.” I've always liked the phrase “another day in Seattle,” as Seattle is associated with some wonderful musical artists. I'm sure lots of people are very happy to live another day in Seattle, and others would rather not spend one more minute there. The song hints at these opposite feelings. I had an idea to make this version sound something like a Police song, but that did not happen. This version turned out to have its rock, its roll, a bossa-nova influenced refrain, and a folksy bridge. On October 19, 2018, I met up with Barrett Nelson and Danny Upright at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, California. I brought guitar, bass, and string files I had recorded at Uncle Herbs Studio, my home studio. While Danny and Gabriel Shepard, the engineer, got the Eames drums miked, Barrett and I drank coffee and talked about what we were going to have for lunch at Ole Ole Express Burrito on Telegraph. Danny made a couple of passes of the song using the files I had brought and quickly got a perfect take. Later, he added a bit of tambourine and helped us get the ending right. Gabriel ran the bass file out through a miked Versatone amp in the big room which produced a really punchy bass sound. Barrett recorded some beautiful nylon-string guitar parts he had developed earlier while playing along to a sketch. Listen to some of the accents he created! I added a vocal, and Gabriel provided an initial mix of our session. StudioPros created the final mix and mastered the song. I especially like the tempo, the instrumentation, the moody lyrics, and the space we left in the tune.

The Mark Stroh Trio Plus Cat
Mark Stroh--Vocal, Steel-String Guitars*, Bass*, and Keyboards*
Barrett Nelson--Nylon-String Guitar
Danny Upright--Drums and Percussion
CocoD--cat meows*

Recorded at 25th Street Recording, Oakland, California
Gabriel Shepard--Engineer
*Recorded at Uncle Herbs Studio, Lassen County, California
Mixed and Mastered by StudioPros
Released March 8, 2019

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